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18 Inch JSR ST37

18 Inch JSR ST37

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SR ST37  is a high-performance alloy wheel designed by Japan Street Racing, a leading manufacturer of sport and racing wheels. The ST37 wheel features a 10-spoke concave design, creating a more aggressive stance and improving aerodynamics. The wheel is made utilizing Flow Form manufacturing technology for lightweight construction to improve the vehicle’s acceleration, handling, and traction which are essential for high-performance driving. Available in 18 inch in various finishes to fit most 5-stud vehicles. Improve the performance and appearance of your vehicle with the Japan Street Racing ST37 JDM wheels.

Customize your wheels! The ST37 is available in custom red or blue colour caps and 5 different spoke sticker colours to choose from.

Wheel Features:

  • Flow Form technology for lighter and stronger wheels
  • A concave design creates a more aggressive stance and improves aerodynamics
  • A 10-spoke pattern which provides a balance between strength and weight
  • Sleek and sporty design that is sure to enhance the appearance of any vehicle
  • Track proven and street driven to meet the highest industry standards
  • JWL-T and VIA certified, meet or exceed JWL and VIA standards
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