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18 Inch JSR ST24

18 Inch JSR ST24

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JST ST24  is a high-performance alloy wheel designed by Japan Street Racing, a leading manufacturer of sport and racing wheels. The ST24 wheel features a rally racing multi-spoke design that provides improved grip and traction, essential for high-performance driving. It’s built using high-quality alloy materials and manufacturing techniques, making it durable and resistant to wear and tear. Now available in 18 inch gloss black finish to fit most 5-stud cars. Improve the performance and appearance of your vehicle with the JSR ST24 wheels.


  • Sleek and sporty design that is sure to enhance the appearance of any vehicle
  • Constructed using a unique alloy composition that reduces the weight of the wheel
  • Track proven and street driven to meet the highest industry standards
  • Lightweight yet extremely durable structure
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