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18 Inch GT Form Hearts wheel

18 Inch GT Form Hearts wheel

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Embark on a journey unlike any other with the GT Form Hearts Wheels. Inspired by the pure essence of emotion, these wheels capture the heart’s timeless silhouette, melding aesthetic allure with groundbreaking engineering. Set your vehicle apart on the streets and express your unique style. The wheel features heart-inspired curves that are more than just a visual marvel—they signify the emotion and passion that drives every journey. While its heart design steals the limelight, its versatile shade palette complements a range of vehicle colors and styles, ensuring that your car not only stands out but also remains cohesively stylish.

Every journey is a story of emotions, and with the GT Form Hearts, you wear your heart on your wheels, leaving an indelible mark on every road you tread. Choose passion. Choose GT Form Hearts.


  • Distinctive heart wheel shape design
  • Revolutionary design refined to the smallest details
  • Rigorous quality checks promise maximum strength and durability
  • Even weight distribution ensures a smooth drive and superior handling
  •  Setting your vehicle apart and showcasing passion on the road
  • Designed to ensure proper clearance and vibration-free performance

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